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What’s your poison?

It could be a substance, person, or activity which sedates your otherwise restless soul.

The trickery you perform to save yourself from you, the mockery you end up making everything that blessed you.

Ah, don’t try that pretense with me. You know, don’t you? That none of those things are ever going to fill the abyss you feel minutes before going to sleep. That being a fugitive from oneself is an endless loop and you’ll find yourself at the exact same point where you started, over and over again.

And still, you fall into the trap woven by your mind, such a circus!

Your mind isn’t at fault either, as every cell of your body, it’s too trying to protect you from plummeting into the obscurity you abhor.

I empathize, I know how you apprehend everything and still roam clueless, I know you want to let go of the superficiality and fix the real problem.

But what’s the issue here exactly, you’re perfectly fine, aren’t you? At least that’s what you tell yourself every day, subtly within every excuse you make to consume your venom and elope.

I want you to slow down, starve yourself of all those anesthetic activities, all those probably good people you’re using to assure yourself of your sanity, spend time with yourself, there’s no other way.

Till when will you continue to latch onto anything that deceives you temporarily and then leave you stranded with yourself, don’t you realize your poisons are fed up with you?

You need to eliminate the urge to escape, it’ll be intimidating at first but you’re brave, you always were, that’s how you escaped several times without losing yourself, that’s why you’re able to comprehend each line you’re reading.

Allow me to hold the hand of that feeble ray of hope that sparks within you each time you feel that someone understands what exactly you go through, let us walk away from this darkness together, and for one last time, escape.

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